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Biodegradable & Plastic Free PPE Kits

Solving the pollution problem with PPE kits, without affecting its protection function.

The Problems: Plastic, Pollution and Poverty.

The Culture Wire Review
The Culture Wire Review
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PPE kits are the “protective gears” of today. But, also a major problem of tomorrow. They add to non-biodegradable plastic waste that lies in landfills. We cannot stop using PPE kits. But can we make them differently?

India is the world’s largest producer of Banana’s. Banana stems are a rich source of  Musa fiber. But sadly, after bananas are harvested, these stems are burnt. This results in both pollution and wastage.

Farmers grow two qualities of bananas, traditional and modified.  Those growing the former earn less as compared to the latter. This is due to the difference in their demand. This affects the farmer’s well-being. Also, traditional banana stems have a better quality of fiber as compared to modified ones.

The Solution : An ignored resource and an innovative mind.

Abeer Lala, a Design Student, thought of a possible solution. The idea is to use banana fibers in making PPE kits. Hence, solving the above-mentioned three problems. The PPE kit plastic problem as it reduces the amount of plastic used. The pollution problem because stems won’t be burnt, but used. The Poverty problem as farmers can sell these stems and earn money out of their waste.

This fiber is strong, biodegradable, durable and has various uses.  Products like face masks, cutlery, packaging of non- perishable products and PPE’s can be made using banana fiber. While Abeer is working on a prototype of a PPE kit made with banana leaves, it is our responsibility to use plastic in the least quantity possible. So as to compensate its increased use in PPE kits, which is unavoidable.

References: Lala With A Beer

The Culture Wire Review
While PPE kits are protecting the world from a problem, they are a potential source for the other. They are a source lot of non-biodegradable Plastic waste. The world can't wait for the Pandemic to end to address this.
On the other hand, Banana stem, a potential source of Banana fiber is burnt in large quantities, to dispose of them. Hence, causing pollution and wastage.
Abeer Lala, a Student at Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology is experimenting with making a Banana fiber PPE kit as an attempt to solve both the problems of wastage and pollution.


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