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Collagen Alternatives For A Vegan Lifestyle

As the world moves towards reducing the use of animal products, vegan collagen alternatives rise in the market.

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Collagen supplements are on the rise as they are known to be very beneficial for the youth as they boost the protein level. Collagen is a structural protein that is naturally found in the human body. It makes up to 80% of your skin. Collagen supplements have a bundle of benefits; hence has become very popular recently.

Traditional collagen is made up of pulverized animal bones and is not vegan consumer-friendly. To provide vegan and vegetarian consumers with an alternative to this, people have developed plant-based collagens. The human body makes collagen naturally, but some plants contain bioactive materials that may help boost collagen development in a person’s system. Such supplements go by the name of “Plant Collagen Builders”. The results haven’t been extensively tested, but the products are marketed claiming they provide key elements like Vitamin C and minerals. These supplements are often consumed because after a certain age, the absorption power of protein decreases in our body, hence we need supplements to boost their level. A few brands that have high consumer ratings and are known to provide the best supplements are Organifi Glow or Ora Organic.

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Be it vegan or traditional - pills and powders seem to be all good, but they must be taken with utmost responsibility. The brands must be transparent about the ingredients, usage, and sourcing practices. The user must also understand that even though it is readily available in the market, the effects of vegan collagen are still not well researched.


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