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MTV’s new album by queer persons presents the idea of love without genders.

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As India celebrates two years of the historic repeal of Section 377 in 2018, it is fairly easy to say that the social circumstances have changed, but only up to a limited extent. Homosexuality is no longer a crime in the law system. But, does the same holds in the hearts of the cis-population? It is fairly difficult to comment in this regard as the coin has two sides. Surely, a subset of queer population now carries their identities with confidence, but has Indian society given them enough opportunities?

The music industry has been dominated by heteronormative lyricists, music artists and producers. This has mostly led to music, one of the purest forms of art, incapable of serving queer identities. The mainstream portrayal of romance for music albums has been always about a male and a female. To break the chain of heteronormative music, MTV has recently announced a new album- MTV Beats Love Duet.

The upcoming album- MTV Beats Love Duet, spreads out the idea of agender love. The album has been entirely created by LGBTQIA++ persons and commemorates from September 6. MTV Beats Love Duet, in association with Kitty Su, brings together some of the greatest musicians from the community to ensure greater reach of the album. The album covers Indie-pop, Indo-western and Rap genres. The album has been a collaborative effort of artists such as singer and performer Sushant Divgikar who goes by the drag queen name Rani Ko-HE-Nur, EDM artist and DJ Ma Faiza, rapper Prachi Kale (Carnic), advertising professional and composer Rtunjya and vocalist Rushik Thakkar. Songs from the MTV Beats Love Duet album will release throughout the month of September, marking two years of the abolishment of Section 377. The catchphrase of the whole album is, “Because har bar, It’s not boy-girl ka pyaar.”

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This influential album takes a leap into the future that would which would not be cis-centric. Also, providing the queer persons with a complete mainstream platform definately prioritizes emotion and empathy over economic aspects of the album. Thus, this is a remarkable representative of the queer community with the help of music.


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