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Manned Space Rover For Interstellar Travel

Designed by Edon Guraziu the GURA TERRA Incognita Space Rover is a completely self-regulating system with life-support for up to 6 crew members.

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Outerspace has always been fascinating for mankind and the pursuit to find another extraterrestrial being is one of the inspirations for this. Different organizations like NASA, ISRO, and SpaceX are continuously developing technologies to make the ride to space easier and enable us to explore other planets. Doing the same Edon Guraziu designed the GURA TERRA Incognita Space Rover that explores the possibilities of extraterrestrial transportation and reconnaissance. A completely self-regulating system with life-support for up to 6 crew members. The company also says thatSafety and life preservation is a top priority for GURACORP.

Taking the safety of the explorers as their priority the space rover is specially designed by Strategic compartmentalizing of the pressurized hull increases the likelihood of calamity survival with up to 72%. In the event of a hull breach or sudden loss of cabin pressure the automated diagnostics and alarm systems to guide the crew to safety. Vital life-support such as generators, air filters, and auxiliary power systems run on aggregate power systems to ensure nominal function at all times. The rover also possesses the latest technology like the Latest Gen electronics, navigation, optics, sensors and arrays allow the crew to traverse the most difficult terrains that have yet to be discovered and the crew can be prepared for any endeavor.

To make such travel possible the company also developed the HEXA-DRIVE™ system. 6 individual high torque electro-motor systems power and control all six suspension arms individually for independent data-processing and terrain-mapping. Torque Vectoring ensures the proper distribution of power delivery for grip at all times. Anti-pneumatic wheels were developed to minimize maintenance and mitigate any puncture risk. 

Furthermore, the space rover has “ASA” or Autonomous Self Awareness that enables the vehicle to be aware of its positioning in 3D space, combined with external data collection from onboard sensors and satellite navigation the vehicle will autonomously self preserve at all times whether it is being driven or not.

References – Edon Guraziu and yankodesign

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Exploring the space is every child’s dream and these fascinating concept design motivates the young generation about the infinite possibilities out there to explore, the innovative designs like GURA TERRA Incognita Space Rover can also inspire space research organizations all over the world to push past their limits and innovate more advanced technologies.


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