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Nakation Aka Clothing Optional Vacation

Nakation – The new trend of taking a vacation without clothes.

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Vacation, the world basically screams comfort and fun. But people have decided to take comfort to a whole different level now. Nakation – ie. a clothing-optional holiday has become a huge new segment of the traveling industry. Several free-spirited minds are eager to try out this new form of vacation, from Nude beaches to Nude cruises there are various different ways for one to enjoy.

The American Association for Nude Recreation, or AANR, the oldest and largest advocacy group for nude recreation in North America says that to date, a maximum number of nakation-ers were middle-aged men. But the youth is actively accepting the new form of recreation as they feel it gives people the much-needed freedom from the everyday mundane life of work and technology.

The Nakationers say the experience is wholesome, it gives a certain sort of joy and a sense of being connected with nature. They hope to separate nudity from the sexual connotation attached to it and eventually normalizing the same. In Florida, Nude recreation made a US$7.4 billion economic impact in the Sunshine State last year. According to the French Naturism Federation, there are now 2.7 million nudists in the country. Naked yoga, naked singing, naked gym classes, naked bowling, even naked trampolining, the list of activities is long and getting longer as more and more people readily strip for their vacation.

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While getting naked might not leave most of us comfortable, this new segment of travelling is surely liberating and definitely a huge leap. Normalizing nudity and not associating the same with shame is necessary. Gigi Engle, a certified sex educator says, "You might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you see so many people – of all ages, shapes and sizes – just living their lives in the nude, it becomes normalized very quickly." The industry has made a ""nakationing"" a huge part of their revenue contribution as more and more hotels join the wagon.


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