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No-Touch Tech For Automobiles

Cambridge University’s collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover to make your car ride safer and hygienic.

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Due to the latest outbreak of coronavirus, there is a growing demand for technologies that help maintain social distancing and avoid any contact. Wearing marks and gloves can be a solution right now, but the world needs a better solution to move forward and escape the fear of contamination. In collaboration with the Cambridge University, Jaguar Land Rover has developed the no-touch touch-screen technology where you can control the touch screen device in your car with just the motion of your hand.

Along with providing easy control the technology being developed for the last 10 years can also help during the times of pandemic by reducing the chances of dangerous viruses to spread on the surface of your touch screen monitor, not only in the automobile industry the new technology might help to reduce the spread of any virus through your digital devices altogether.

Besides all the advantages it brings during the pandemic, the new technology might also help enhance the safety of the driver. The gesture tracker used in the no-touch touchscreen technology uses either vision-based or radio frequency-based sensors taking signals collecting various information like eye tracking and other contextual information, to figure out which button you want to tap. The predictive touch system also helps enhance the accuracy of the system by helping it to process the gestural data and predict the accurate decision in any road condition.

References – Engadget and Jaguar Landrover

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After the wake of the pandemic, advancement of the technologies to reduce the possibility of getting the infection are on the rise, people are taking no chances to ensure the security of their loved ones. Along with being helpful in the current conditions Technologies like the no-touch touch screen can also be considered as well as a precaution measure for the future along with providing a high-tech vibe in your vehicle.


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