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Using Cigarette Butts- A major plastic waste, in Manufacturing Sunglasses.

Nobutts recently found an opportunity in thrown- away cigarette butts. It will use them to manufacture Sunglasses.

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Cigarette Butt is that piece end of a cigarette that isn’t consumed but disposed off. It contains plastic in addition to Nicotine. Cigarette butts add to plastic waste. It hinders plant growth and also affect marine ecosystems. As they can easily enter water bodies due to the small size. Increasing rate of cigarette consumption is adding to this cigarette butt collection. And e-cigarettes are worsening the situation as they are mostly made up of plastic.

It’s true that there is a lot of plastic on the planet. But innovative minds with a motive to solve the global crisis are no less either.

Nobutts is a student led startup based in Ireland. It has recently come up with an idea to transform the cigarette butt waste into useful products. They aim at collecting and cleaning these butts, taking out the plastic, transforming it into a usable form. And reusing it as a raw material for manufacturing sunglasses. The company has thought of certain sources for collection of cigarette butts. It has collaborated with some hotels,bars and hospitals for the same.
Recycling of butts may solve the plastic problem. But still, Cigarettes are a poison for the smoker’s and the environment’s lungs. The disposal of Nicotine still is an issue. Best way to solve all these is to control urges and get over this bad habit that a smoker’s body is a hostage to.

References: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/environment/students-start-up-wants-to-turn-cigarette-waste-into-sunglasses-1.4131824

Plastic is something that every informed individual, organisation and government is trying to get rid of. Plastic comes from everywhere. Thus, indicating a requirement to recycle it in various ways.
That's what Nobutt has done.
They recycle the plastic waste that remains unprocessed in cigarette butts.
Cigarette Butts have plastic and Nobutt is planning to recycle and use it to make sunglasses.


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